Coin Grading Service in India

Dynamic development of the numismatic market around the world has led to the creation of an urgent need for specialized services for grading of coins. Genesis of grading goes back to grading in late nineteenth century, when the magazine "The Numismatist", introduced the first numerical grading scale. However, in present scenario, grading system developed in 1948 by William Sheldon which is based on a 70 point standard grading scale system.

The grading of coins is required by collector of coins who wants to know the actual grade of the coins they possess. The grading of coins is one of those areas of numismatics that is inevitably somewhat subjective, and people are often inclined to over grade or under grade their coins, particularly when trying to sell them. Consequently, the correct grading of a coin remains the most important factor, alongside rarity, affecting its value. Official grading is an effort to bring more confidence to investors in rare coins. Grading services certify the authenticity and rate the quality of individual coins.

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