50 Cents (1920) Silver - 8.40 Gr. OBV : Crowned Bust Ruler : Geo

50 Cents (1920) Silver - 8.40 Gr. OBV : Crowned Bust Ruler : Geo
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50 Cents (1920) Silver - 8.40 Gr. OBV : Crowned Bust Ruler : George V Straits Settlements PCG Graded  Coin


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We sell only original and certified/Graded products. Nowadays there are many fake products in the market. The products you are buying, you should know those products are original or not, so you should only buy Graded/Certified coins.


What Is Coin Grading?

Think of coin grading as a report card for coins. Through the coin-grading process, an expert assesses the condition of a coin, normally on the widely accepted Sheldon Coin Grading Scale. On this scale, which dates back to the late 1940s, 1 is the lowest grade and 70 is the highest grade. A coin with a perfect grade of 70 is, literally, in mint condition—no imperfections, no tiny scratches.

As the grade increases, the price of a coin can increase as well.


What are the Benefits of Having a Certified/Graded Coin?

1.Graded coins mean the coin is 100% original.

2.The condition of the coin is always good.

3.All the details of Coin are written on the Graded case box.

4.Graded coins have a higher value than Ungraded coins.

5.Graded Coins look better than Ungraded Coins in Coin Graded Case.

6.Buyers buy graded coins easily.






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